Tour: Lagodekhi National Park, Gurgeniani – Ninoskhevi Waterfall

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Tour highlights:

  • Lagodekhi National Park
  • Gurgeniani – Ninoskhevi waterfall

Lagodekhi National Park is located in north-east edge of Kakheti region on Southern slopes of Caucasus mountains bordering Azerbaijan and Dagestan (RF).  Protected in 1912, under the Russian Empire, it is the first nature preserve in Georgia.  Located at an altitudes ranging from 590 to 3500m, its area extends to 24,451 hectares. Lagodekhi is a treasure for nature lovers: preserved forests, glacial lakes, waterfalls, deep valleys and access to a wide variety of Kakheti’s wildlife. Nearly every corner of the park reveals new stunning imagery. Hiking trails are plentiful as are a number of guesthouses that put your right in the middle of Kakheti beauty.

Currently the national park offers 5 trails: Grouse waterfall, Gurgeniani waterfall, Machi castle, Black Rock Lake and knowledge of nature trail. Out of 5, the most popular hikes are one we are going to talk about (2/3 day hike to Black Rock Lake) and the second is to Gurgeniani waterfall from village Gurgeniani which makes one day nice trip in summer, just 8.5km few hours hike to 40m long beautiful waterfall.


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